Managed SIEM

Our Managed SIEM services bring together multiple essential security capabilities in a single service.


Essential security capabilites

Security Information and Event Management solutions required to protect your business are often not used to their full potential as the required investment in staff training, maintaining the configuration and changes to operational processes are difficult to deliver in practice and often prohibitively expensive.

Trying to build and maintain an in-house security team with the necessary skills and tools to be effective is not only difficult, but expensive and time consuming. Our Managed SIEM brings together multiple essential security capabilities in a single service, giving you everything you need for threat detection, incident response, and compliance management.


Protecting your infrastructure

Basic defences, like firewalls and anti-virus, are no longer enough to combat increasingly sophisticated threats and changing attack methods. More advanced technologies, including SIEM and UEBA, along with real-time threat intelligence have become must-haves, alongside highly skilled staff to successfully identify threats and system compromises.

NGS have partnered with LogPoint to deliver a Managed SIEM service backed by our highly trained team of Cyber Security Specialists. With the skills and knowledge to ensure you extract the full potential and value out of your investment, you gain full confidence that true experts are protecting your infrastructure from cyber threats day and night.


Why outsource to an MSP?

Our service provides full management of your Firewalls, including patch management, and major version upgrades, responding to all alerts from our health monitoring system and handle any support or change requests. Our team of highly trained engineers are all UK-based and permanent members of staff. Think of us as one of your own- available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Save Money

Specialist security solutions are complicated and building your own 24/7 cyber security department takes time, money, and people.

Free up Time

Hand over the stress of managing a complex security system.

Follow Best Practice

With our IT security experts managing your estate, you can be assured that it will be monitored to industry best practice.

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Business Hours Only
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