NGS is the next generation of security

At NGS, what we do is enshrined by 4 core principles; to Be Transformative by Driving Value, to put your Users First and give you a Better Response.

our values

We are the Next Generation of Security

Be Transformative

Emerging technology brings business benefits, but also challenges in terms of complexity, alongside lack of skills & resources – plus risks if not deployed correctly. We help our customers to take advantage of these trends; whether through new entrants into an established technology, or completely new, disruptive technologies.

Drive Value

Breaches are constantly increasing, along with threats and attack vectors – yet budgets are not always keeping pace. Additionally, lots of solutions mean silos of information, or even gaps in IT security. Faced with this challenge, it’s about delivering more for less, and so we work to help our customers drive value from their security solutions investment.

Users First

By helping security teams to understand, educate, and ultimately change the behaviour of their users, we can hugely impact the security posture of the business. Strong security and a good user experience are not mutually exclusive, and we look for ways to align the two.

Better Response

Too many cyber security solutions produce high volumes of alerts, in turn creating “noise” (or alert fatigue), making it harder to identify real threats. We look for ways to both reduce this noise, but more importantly, respond to and remediate threats quickly.

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Our Story

We translate ideas into actions

The Leadership Team at NGS bring with them over 100 years of Information Technology security industry experience. Using their broad experience of the security market combined with the vast knowledge and ability of the wider team, NGS give an unrivalled delivery capability that will help your business develop a strategic architectural blueprint, a business case, and a clear roadmap. We translate ideas into actions, delivering significant and measurable value with every element of work undertaken. Unlike many, we’re not offering point solutions but providing total cyber security solutions.


Next Generation Security leaders

NGS are recognised as thought leaders in the Next Generation Security marketplace and constantly research the threat landscape and how to protect our client’s critical assets. Partnering with the best technology vendors enables NGS to provide exceptional customer satisfaction.

The delivery of projects and adopting new strategies can often be a multi-year program, involving organisational and cultural change, process re-engineering & numerous technology components. NGS will deliver options to ensure the most informed decisions are made, offering consultation and pre-sales services, then supply, install and support services, providing everything from concept to completion.

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