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Identity & Privileged Access Management

Controlling access to your systems, and in particular privileged admin users.

Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Management

Testing for – and remediating – vulnerabilities across your infrastructure.

Risk & Security Posture

Giving you a context-based view of your Cyber Risk and Posture.

User Mobility

Ensuring your users can access the systems they need, regardless of location or device.

Endpoint Detection & Remediation

The evolution of Anti-Virus, improving pro-active protection and the ability to remediate threats and breaches.


Managing and understanding security alerts, and improving your ability to respond through automation.

Network Security

The cornerstone of a robust security posture, ensuring that your infrastructure and its perimeter are protected and monitored.

Application & Content Security

Securing and controlling access to business applications, email, web, and above all, your sensitive data.

Cloud Security

Ensuring that the use of cloud services is controlled and, in particular, where data is concerned.

Network Detection & Remediation

Detecting and protecting against lateral movement within your infrastructure – be it on premise, cloud, or hybrid.

End User Awareness

Educating and changing the behaviour of your users to improve your security posture.

Business Continuity

Ensuring that your business can continue to operate when faced with external challenges and interruptions


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