WEBINAR : How Social Engineering Works in the World of Communication

Social Engineering | A conversation with Jenny Radcliffe and James Linton.

1000 | 17th September 2020

Everyone talks about the social engineering behind a breach, however people don’t often talk about the psychology of why:

  • Why it works?
  • Why it happens?
  • And why are individuals or organisations targeted in the first place?

See things from the people perspective, and how psychology plays a critical part in ‘letting people through the door’.

In this webinar you will join “The People Hacker” Jenny Radcliffe and “Email Prankster” James Linton as they discuss more about the tricks they use, and why people fall for them. Jenny & James will talk about what companies and the public can do to help recognise, understand, and guard against this and all types of hacking day to day.

Discover how social engineers adapt the scam as it’s in progress and what is generally seen as a success

Oh and there’s stories, really interesting stories. Hear how both Jenny & James have ethically, and not so ethically, socially engineered themselves into the ‘inner circle’ of some of the worlds largest organisations using some very common social engineering techniques, taking you through their most memorable social engineering adventures, a few anecdotes and some very revealing moments.

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