One Box to Rule them All

Could Nutanix be the last security appliance you’ll ever buy?

One Box could make the connection between Hyper Converged and Security Infrastructure.

“One Box to Rule them All” seems a very provocative title, and that is the intention! So why do we think that a HCI vendor could produce the last security appliance you will ever buy? Because as far as we’re concerned (taking specialist requirements out of the equation) you’ll never need to buy a physical security appliance again.

Could it save you money?

It goes without saying that COVID-19 has introduced challenges for organisations, their users, and above all, their IT teams.   IT leaders are under pressure to drive  greater value from their IT budgets.  

I recently presented on Bright Talk about the idea and you can watch it below and hear how Nutanix, Epaton & NGS have partnered together to create “One Box to Rule them All” – a solution to help drive value and total cost of ownership by collapsing security infrastructure into one, highly available box.  Learn how you can increase productivity, reap the benefits of a secure multi-cloud or hybrid IT strategy and ultimately save up to 53% over 5 years by adopting this type of architecture.

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