22nd March 2018 - by Ricky Cibardo

Why I chose to work for a partner again and why I chose Epaton & NGS UK.

You’ve heard it all before. Sales people with years and years of experience working their way up ‘The Channel’ to reach the summit of working for a vendor.

With that thought process, I was no different and those vendors that I have previously helped to drive their business were major highlights in my career. However, you don’t reach the summit when working for a vendor and you certainly don’t put your feet up and rely on the channel to bring you opportunities.

The question I had to constantly ask myself was ‘What have I got in my kit bag that I can take to an organisation and offer true value?’. The answer was quite simply an amazing suite of solutions BUT not a COMPLETE set to be able to work with an organisation on their pains & problems and provide the best service with a view to being agnostic. With new cyber threats being released on a daily basis, the solution we offer has to be the right one for that customer and for their exact needs whilst being able to offer true value by understanding the market, always adding knowledge around the latest threats, making sure you are able to save the customer money moving forward and most importantly to work with multiple people within an organisation to address the balance between security and the user’s ability to work without any major hindrance to their speed and efficiency and as security professionals we shouldn’t veer away from that ideology.

All of the above can be achieved with a full kit bag, a passion for what you do, a will to do all those hard yards and love doing them and extensive knowledge of the market and in my 19 year career in IT Security Sales I am yet to come across a partner that has had all those attributes in abundance, especially since Network Technology Solutions (NTS) sold the business to Capita 4 years ago. So when the opportunity to join up with NTS previous founders Jon Lassman and Phil Dick at Epaton arose, I jumped at the chance to be able to join a company with the same work ethic, commitment and passion as mine.

Epaton (http://www.epaton.co.uk/) have made massive strides in their short span of 3+ years, winning Reseller of the Year for Storage twice and becoming one of the top partners in Europe for Nutanix (https://www.nutanix.com). Increasingly Storage & Back up has moved closer and closer to Security over the years due to constant streams of data breaches and in many cases a lack of education internally at organisations, so being able to combine those elements puts you into a better standpoint with the customer and having this side of the business makes you understand that an organisation HAS TO prepare for when the inevitable happens and there is a security breach. We all assist in providing the solutions and services to prevent but that isn’t always enough. What is the Recovery plan?

That brings me nicely on to the new ‘NTS’, NGS UK (http://ngsuk.com/) Alongside Epaton, NGS UK stands for everything I believe in. trust, honesty, passion, knowledge and a will to make sure we offer the best service to all of our customers. The fact that there is absolutely no arrogance, laziness and self-righteous attitudes add to the amazing atmosphere that is created. Jon and Phil have fantastic skills of bringing on a team of young people and training them into amazing Account Managers but not until they are ready to take that leap. So many people in the industry today owe Phil and Jon so much for the job they now find themselves in. And with the addition of Dilan Hindocha being added to the equation as Sales Director of NGS UK this will bolt on yet another wealth of knowledge and expertise that I know will prove to be invaluable from day one.

Organisations want a company they can trust, understand their organisation, listens to the issues, do what they say they are going to do, fight their corner and stay with for years to come and today I thank my lucky stars that I am in that organisation

We are Back!

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