CISO Insights Spotlight: Conceal

CISOs are often inundated with pitches from numerous vendors, promising to be the only ones to solve a growing issue, that CISOs have been tackling with for years. It can be time consuming to research the benefits of each and every technology provider, let alone measure its value for our customers. With Conceal, everything was simple. The product, the story, the deployment- and getting customers onboard. This CISO Insights blog article will shine a spotlight on ConcealBrowse, a groundbreaking tool that I recommend any CISO to consider incorporating into their cybersecurity arsenal.

Specifically designed to counter the significant risks posed by phishing and sophisticated social engineering attacks, ConcealBrowse is a private, lightweight, easy-to-deploy AI-powered browser extension that detects, prevents, and shields users. By securing the most vulnerable part of any organization, the human using a web browser, ConcealBrowse dramatically reduces the risk of destructive and costly cyber-attacks.

ConcealBrowse plays a pivotal role in addressing the pressing issue of cybersecurity breaches, which stem largely from human error (95%) and are frequently initiated through phishing attacks (91%). The landscape of phishing attacks is evolving, surpassing traditional email-based methods and exploiting various attack vectors that can circumvent conventional email security measures. In light of these challenges, it becomes imperative to extend phishing protection beyond the confines of the inbox. ConcealBrowse emerges as a crucial solution by fortifying the most vulnerable element in any organization- the human beyond the screen. It neutralizes threats regardless of their origin, providing comprehensive security against evolving and sophisticated phishing tactics.

Whilst all companies would benefit from ConcealBrowse, organizations in the healthcare, education and law sectors are finding success with the browser extension. One of NGS’s customers, an NHS trust in the UK, have benefitted from ConcealBrowse’s capabilities, having faced challenges with threats bypassing web filters despite stringent content filtering and increased blocking, which in turn causes a high number of support tickets, taking both time to research and adjust policies. This realisation proves how critical, but overlooked, web browser security can be.

From speaking with numerous IT departments, they all employ controls such as DNS filters, secure email and web gateways, security awareness training and EDR. But, threats are still making it to the users, and they’re still clicking on them, via email, social sites, QR codes, amongst others. So, whilst security awareness training is necessary, it is not enough, as even mature programs see 2-5% click through rates.

Other benefits of ConcealBrowse include:

  • Seamless integration with all browsers
  • Silent, fast deployment
  • Reduction in IT support tickets for page unblocking
  • Low maintenance
  • Protection from phishing and credential harvesting attacks
  • Includes helpful, customizable warning pages to alert uses and educate them on web risks

In the realm of cybersecurity, the role of a CISO is to anticipate, prepare, and adapt to the ever-changing threat landscape. Conceal stands out as a powerful ally in this ongoing battle, offering advanced threat detection, behavioural analysis, and customizable security policies. By investing in ConcealBrowse, CISOs can fortify their organization’s defences, reduce the risk of cyber threats, and safeguard sensitive information in an increasingly digital world. It’s not just a tool; it’s a strategic asset in the fight against cybercrime.

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